Drug serialisation

Drug serialization

Pharmaceutical drug serialization has become a business critical part of every pharma company’s operation.

Depending on the business type, geography and business model, the requirements for serialization and track-and-trace are different but must be complied with.

With all the extensive experience that Nubinno has gained over the years we have developed a wide range of services to fit every organization’s needs for pharma serialization and compliance.

We also offer transformational services for serialization, track-and-trace and related supply chain operations for newly acquired companies and/or new sites.

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One stop shop for all of your serialization and supply chain compliance needs. Ensure business continuity by joining Nubinno Evolve network and get access to state of mind professionals and services to secure your business.


For those who are constantly looking to improve, to identify the gaps and to take their serialization and supply chain to the next level. Contact us to find out more on how your processes, people, technology and data stack up against current industry standards.


Is designed for those who are always on the hunt for improvements and efficiency. If you are looking to optimize your serialization and supply chain compliance processes you are in the right place. Contact us to find out more on how to take your serialization compliance to the next level!


We offer services that are outside of our package deals and are customized to your needs.

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